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Welcome to "Hunted"! Ever wondered where ideas for new stories come from?

Well, in this case it began with an early conversation with Harsho, shortly after he joined me on Shades back in 2004. He told me he'd been reading Mike Mignola's "Hellboy" and said (something like): "I'd really like to do something with vampires and demons."

My immediate reaction was that this was not for me. The vampire genre, I decided, had been done to death (no pun intended!) and the likelihood of coming up with an original take on that was pretty remote. Luckily, even as I was pouring cold water on the idea, my imagination was beginning to get the cogs turning and a few weeks later I was struck by an idea that I got very excited about!

Soon I was mapping out the rough idea for "Hunted" and writing the first draft of Issue 1. Unfortunately, by the time I felt it was ready to present to Harsho, he was unable to work on it with me. With Shades and other projects he'd taken on (not to mention the day-job!) he just didn't have the time.

I spent the next two years looking for a replacement artist and, although some very talented people showed interest, none of them had a style that I thought would fit the story. Then, through an ad at OnlineComics.net, I found Kyri and, after trying a few different styles, he came up with one which I felt was exactly right!

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