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Volume 1 Index
Prologue - Chapter 5

Volume 2 Index
Chapter 6 - Chapter 11

Volume 3 Index
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

Just in case anyone's interested in the historical background to this sequence, it's set in the 16th Century when the crown of England was being passed around between the children of Henry VIII, like a deadly game of pass-the-parcel!

The Protestant Edward VI was nine when he became king and only fifteen when he died. He was succeeded by his Catholic half-sister Mary who tried to restore England to the Catholic faith, persecuting and burning Protestants. In turn, after Mary's death, the Protestant Elizabeth I persecuted and burned Catholics. Nasty times for all concened!

Elizabeth eventually implemented measures which, although the country still had a long way to go, can be seen as marking at least the beginning of the end of religious intolerance here in dear old Blighty. Okay - history lesson over!

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