30 April 2014
Finally ... Shades Volume 2 available in print!
It's been ten years since I first started working on the script for BVC's flagship title, the graphic novel Shades, and three years since all the chapters from the first half of that story made it into print as the first part of a two-volume graphic novel.

If you've been wondering whether the second half of the story would ever follow that first volume it into print, I can't blame you. There were times during the last three years when even I had the occasional doubt!

But now, at long last, the wait is over. Volume 2 of Shades is finally available from ComicsyUK, collecting everything from Chapter 9 right up to and including the action-packed final battle - cool huh?!

Subtitled The Shadows Within, the book contains a brief re-cap of all the main events from Shades Volume 1 and a fully illustrated section of design notes on all your favourite characters. Trust me - you need to own this book!


23 March 2014
Shades - Volume 2 ... coming soon!
Wow. Has it really been three years since our last update? Um ... yes. Yes, it has. Sorry about that! I won't bore you with the details, but real life has kind of thrown me a few curve balls of late!

But, not to dwell on that, if you bought the print edition of Shades Volume 1 and you were starting to fear you'd never get to read the end of the story in print ... fear no more!

Yes, the second volume of Shades is finally following Volume 1 into print! This volume will collect everything from Chapter 9 right up to and including the Epilogue. All those gorgeous pages drawn by E.C. Nickel and coloured by Muamal Khairi - they're all here!

In addition, this volume contains more than fifteen pages of detailed character design notes, all accompanied by the original concept drawings prepared by Harsho Mohan Chattoraj and E.C. Nickel. Damn, but this book is going to be one you'll want on your bookshelf!


9 February 2011
Shades - Volume 1 now in print!
I know, I know - you thought I'd dropped off the face of the Earth, right? Well, not quite!

We are still going to bring you E.C. Nickel's Simulacrum as we promised but - as you've no doubt noticed - it's been delayed a little. Apologies for that. Just as we were about to launch it, one or two other things cropped up, all clamouring for our attention. The good news is, I can tell you about one of those "other things" right now!

Yes, Shades has finally made it into print! It will be in two volumes. Volume 1 (including everything up to Chapter 8) is available to buy right now! The image to the left there is the front cover (but you probably guessed that!) and you can find a sneak peak of the back cover right here! So, how can you get your sticky mitts on a copy? It couldn't be simpler!

Readers in the U.S.
Now this is really easy! Just click on that image and you'll be able to buy from Indy Planet today!

Readers outside the U.S.
Well, you guys can buy from IndyPlanet, too, obviously. But, given the high cost of U.S. international shipping rates, you might just find it cheaper to buy direct from us here at BVC. Full details are in the Shades forum!

Oh, and because I know you were about to ask ... Volume 2 should be available in something just over a month from now!


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25 August 2010
BVC blog - something for a rainy day!
Phew! We haven't had much to report since Shades came to an end, but we do have other irons in the fire.

There are a couple of longer term projects I'm discussing with E.C. Nickel which should eventually find their way here and another of Nickel's comics, Simulacrum, which we'll be bringing you very, very shortly - both in English and in Portuguese!

While you're waiting for those, however, why not browse the latest entries in the BVC blog? Among other things, you'll find our thoughts on Watchmen 2, lesbian super heroes and Wonder Woman's recent wardrobe malfunction!

13 July 2010
Shades - kisses for everyone!

Okay, you can be honest now ... there were times when you thought Shades would never be finished, right? It's okay. I know there were times when I had my doubts!

But finished it is! If you're a regular reader and all fully up to speed, you'll no doubt want to go straight to the final page. That's okay - after all the support you've given us over the years, you guys have earned it!

Of course you then have to decide what you're going to do next. Well, if I were you, I'd click that picture there and go right back to the beginning. I'm told it's even better now you can read the whole thing through from beginning to end!

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5 July 2010
Shades - one more page to go!
It's been bearing down on us for a while now but, even so, I can hardly believe I'm writing this. We've reached the penultimate page of our graphic novel Shades!

So, when you visit today's instalment, make sure you take a few minutes to savour it properly. After all, after the page we'll be bringing you next week there won't be any more. Oh dear - I think I'm going to cry!

28 June 2010
Shades - the buffet is open!
Regular readers of our graphic novel Shades will be well aware that the setting for our epilogue is a wedding. If that includes you, you'll have been asking yourself one very important question ... No, not "what happened to all the bad guys?" so much as "hey, where's all the food?!"

Well, just follow that nice lady in the pink dress to the latest instalment and your question will be answered. Oh, and you'll also find out what happened to some of the bad guys!

21 June 2010
Shades - who's that girl?
The epilogue of our graphic novel Shades reaches the half-way point today. Yes, there are only three pages to go! So who's that raven-haired lovely in the picture on the left then? A new character? At this late stage?

Well, there's only one way to find out. Have a peek at the latest instalment and discover the secret identity of our mystery girl!

15 June 2010
Shades - a happy ending?
So, as it settles into the Epilogue now, what kind of an ending is Shades heading towards? Well, we saw last week that someone was getting married so that has to be some kind of a clue, doesn't it?

Of course it does. And there are more clues in the latest instalment as the wedding guests assemble!

7 June 2010
Shades - a reason to cry!
Well, we've told the story, developed our characters, thrown them headlong into the climax, and now - as we start the Epilogue - Shades is even giving us a reason to cry.

No, not just because it's coming to an end, but because everyone cries at ... oh, go read the latest instalment. You'll see!

31 May 2010
Shades - all action climax!
Phew! It's been a roller-coaster of a ride, but today our graphic novel Shades reaches its climax! Have our heroes defeated the demon?

Well, you can find the answer in the latest instalment, of course! Now, although this is the final page of the final full-length chapter, the story's not quite over yet! Join us back here next week for the first page of the Epilogue. There may just be a surprise or two still to come!

25 May 2010
Shades - sisters, doin' it for themselves!
Well, we've (just about) reached the point you've all been waiting for! It's the penultimate page of the last full-length chapter of our graphic novel Shades, and our heroes are having to make one final attempt to defeat the demon Thrawn!

You can be sure that the Shaman and Arturos will be on hand to lend some moral support but, as you'll see in this week's instalment, this time it's all down to Boudicca and Becky. Let's hear it for the girls!

18 May 2010
Shades - sage advice!
The climax of our graphic novel Shades is rushing towards us now, which means the story is jumping frantically from character to character!

In the latest instalment we're looking in on the Shaman once again and, even in the heat of battle, it seems he's more than willing to dispense a little good advice!

10 May 2010
Shades - more than you bargained for!
Our online graphic novel Shades is rushing headlong towards the end of its final full-length chapter now, and it seems Doug and Ryan finally have Dominion cornered.

But is that necessarily a good thing? Don't look at me. You'll have to check the latest instalment to see whether Dominion has one more super-villainous trick up his sleeve!

26 April 2010
Shades - of spyders and flies!
Well, that makes a change! For once the developments in Shades seem to be turning in our heroes' favour! Can it possibly last?

With only a few pages of this chapter left, we can only hope! Check out the latest instalment to see just how Spyder is faring against Credo and how important it is that Doug ... well, flies!

21 April 2010
Shades - look to the skies!
Well, it seems we're fast approaching the endgame in Shades! Stan seems to have escaped the clutches of his adversary, but how are things progressing elsewhere?

We return to Doug's aerial battle against Dominion's mercenaries in the latest instalment and those dastardly bad guys seem to be getting the upper hand. Is there nothing our doughty heroes can do?!

12 April 2010
Shades - flying high!
Every good super hero comic needs a little aerial combat now and then, and Shades is no exception.

That's why, in the latest instalment, we're going to look in on Doug and Ryan this week. Surely they can't really hold their own against Dominion's heavily armoured elite guard. Can they?!

5 April 2010
Shades - even the bad times are good!
This week in Shades, we're taking a break from following Boo and Arturos as they struggle against Thrawn.

Instead, in the latest instalment we're looking in on Stan and his family. You may remember that, when we saw them last, they were about to be arrested by an armed mercenary. Damn, there's no way that's going to end well!

30 March 2010
Shades - a first time for everything!
So, are you enjoying all the action in our current (and final) full-length chapter of Shades? Of course you are! With all that gorgeous artwork from Nickel and Qoiri, how could you not?!

Well, the good news is that the latest instalment is even more action packed and ... could it be that something's actually gone right for our good guys? Now there's a first!

25 March 2010
Shades - of games and spoilers!
Oooh, we have some fun news for you this week! Not only did our graphic novel Shades update on Monday (which it did, so - if you haven't already - do make sure you go and read the latest instalment!), but a Shades- based game went live too!

Yes, over at the Difference Games website there's now a fun game based on one of our very own plot threads! Just click this link here to play the Shades game! A word of warning, though: if you play through to the end, there is a bit of a plot spoiler in that you'll see what happens to poor Becky in the spirit world. Of course, you might actually see that as an extra incentive to play!

18 March 2010
Shades - Project Fanboy review!
I don't need to tell you that Shades updated on Monday, do I? Oh, I do? Oops! Oh well, just as well the latest instalment is a good 'un!

And, speaking of good 'uns, did you know that Shades is "one of the all around best webcomics out there, in any genre"? No, that's not just me saying that; that's the opinion of Project Fanboy! Read their full review here!

10 March 2010
BVC blog - Poison Ivy!
I don't intend to flag every new entry on the BVC blog but, just occasionally, I'll mention them here, especially if they're in some way related to comics. And, well, the latest entry fits that bill!

In one of our first entries, we looked at the lovely Harley Quinn figurine, made by Eaglemoss for the DC Comics Super Hero Collection. Well, appropriately enough, the latest post looks at the figurine of her gal pal Poison Ivy.

In the comics and the movies, it seems to me, Ivy is seldom shown as anything more than a stereotypical 1940s femme fatale. In this post we give our thoughts on how her writers could really make her blossom!

9 March 2010
Shades - all power to shields!
Well, the final full length chapter of Shades is well underway now. In the first few pages we've seen Spyder (Craig) going up against Credo and we've looked in on Spitfire (Doug) and Harrier (Ryan) as they confront Dominion's mercenaries.

But there's one major character we still need to touch base with ... Yes, in the latest instalment, we finally get to revisit Boudicca and her battle against Bedlam's hordes! Damn, but those guys are in trouble!

3 March 2010
BVC blog - new and improved!
BVC has a blog. Yeah, okay, it's had a blog at LiveJournal for a long time, but - for one reason or another - that's kind of fallen into disuse. As from now, however, there's a new BVC blog!

We plan for this one to be a little more active than the last and so please do go and check it out. Today, we're flagging up the excellent figurines in the DC Comics Super Hero Collection, accompanied by our thoughts on the character of Harley Quinn. Damn, but that girl is misunderstood!

2 March 2010
Shades - old skool action!
I've said often enough that, despite being a super hero story, we've tried to do something different with Shades. It's set in the UK for a start, has a number of underlying "themes" and we've tried to make the characters seem like real people.

But to Hell with all that. We're racing towards the big finale now and, being a super hero story, that means action! And, as hard as we try to be different, with costumed good guys and heavily armoured bad guys engaged in aerial combat, the action in this week's instalment is decidedly old skool. Which, on this occasion, is no bad thing!

22 February 2010
Shades - boom!
We've been running Shades for a long time here at BVC and you know what? For a super hero comic, we really haven't had many explosions.

Well, we said we'd be upping the ante in the final chapter and so today's instalment delivers just that. And it's not just any old explosion, either. It's a big green one!

8 February 2010
Shades - run, run, as fast as you can!
So, did you come back Friday to catch the second of our updates to Shades last week? If you didn't, this is what you missed! There now. Wouldn't that have made your weekend?!

Of course, if you did remember to stop by, you can bypass that and go straight to the latest instalment. But I'd hurry if I were you. Things are not looking good for our good guys!

2 February 2010
Shades - it's double-update week!
For one reason or another, here at BVC Shades is currently running one page behind the other sites where it's serialised. Well, since this is it's natural home, I've decided it's about time I did something about that!

So, after you've read the action-packed latest instalment today, make a note in your diary. Barring any unforeseen accidents, we'll be bringing you another page on Friday! Damn, but I think we spoil you sometimes!

11 January 2010
Shades - happy families!
Well, the New Year is well and truly under way now and, as snow brings just about everything in dear ol' Blighty to a halt once again, what better excuse could there be to stay in the warm and read Shades?!

Not that there's any real warmth to be found there, I should hasten to add. As we look in on the latest instalment where Stan continues his attempt to reach an understanding with his daughter, it's probably fair to say that the chill in the air is not just caused by the snow!

4 January 2010
Shades - ringing in the new!
It's the first Shades update of the New Year today, and do we have some surprises in store for you? Well, maybe ...!

There's certainly a surprise in store for Doug and Ryan as they fly over Scarstead nuclear power station! And, just in case that's not excitement enough, today's instalment will also be unveiling Craig's new "Spyder" costume. Phew!

31 December 2009
Shades - ringing out the old!
So, here it is ... the last update to Shades this year. Or, as some insist on reminding us, the last of this decade!

And, as so many New Year's Eve celebrations seem to culminate in some form of rowdy brawl, today's instalment has (quite coincidentally!) a little fisticuffs of its own. Well, if you unleash Boudicca and Arturos among a horde of evil-intentioned cultists, what can you expect?!

20 December 2009
Shades - happy Christmas everybody!
Okay, so we're a few days early but, since this will be the last update to Shades before the presents start tumbling down your chimney, I thought we'd better get our greeting in now!

So, what have we stuffed into the festive stocking that is the latest instalment? Both Starflare and Starflower, that's all! (Best enjoyed with a warm mince pie!)

14 December 2009
Shades - deck the halls ...!
Just ten days to go before a big fat man in a red coat takes to the air in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Can't wait? Then you should probably check in on Shades!

No, we don't have Santa but the latest instalment does have a big fat man. Okay, so he's in a black coat and is being pulled by horses (of a sort!) but, hey - it's the next best thing, right?!

10 December 2009
Shades - fly, you fools!
Well, it's nearly Christmas already and, as our thoughts turn to flying reindeer, the pretty stocking that is Chapter 15 of our graphic novel Shades is under way and bulging with special treats!

Last week's instalment kick-started the new chapter with a stunning picture of Doug and Ryan in flight and the latest instalment shows Arturos knows how to fly, too. Well, in spirit anyway!

24 November 2009
Shades - the beginning of the end!
Today's update to Shades is an important one, so do make sure you don't miss it! In the first instance, it's the last page of Chapter 14. A minor milestone in its own right.

More importantly, however, this instalment pretty much sets out what each of our main characters is going to be up to in Chapters 15 and 16. And, since those two chapters make up the climactic finale to the whole story, you really need to know this stuff!

17 November 2009
Shades - back to the future!
For the last few weeks two of the principal villains in Shades have been chewing the fat, as Credo has been explaining to Dominion just how tough he had it back in the 16th Century.

Well, in today's instalment we're going back to the future (or at least the present!) as Credo finishes his tale and we look in on our heroes once more. Seems there's a small difference of opinion that needs to be settled!

10 November 2009
Shades - death and the 16th Century!
Okay - hands up everyone who realised we updated Shades last week even though we forgot to mention it here on the News Page ... Excellent! You guys can go straight to the latest instalment now!

For the rest of you - wait! You need to go and read last week's page first. But don't worry - you'll like it. It's chock full of 16th century death and destruction!

29 October 2009
Shades - flashback!
Regular readers of Shades will know that we've made extensive use of flashbacks to tell our characters' backstories - flashbacks covering periods from 3,000 years BC, through the 19th Century, and right up to the 1960s!

Well, if you're a fan of those flashbacks the good news is that, in today's instalment, we're starting another! The bad news is that, unfortunately, this will be the last one, so enjoy it while it lasts. Go on - we're dipping into the 16th Century this time!

27 October 2009
Shades - bring on the super villains!
Mixed news on the internet front last week. I've now successfully changed ISP and, whilst that hasn't completely solved the problems I was having, things are working a little more smoothly now. You may have noticed, however, that the improvements didn't come in time for last week's instalment of Shades. Sorry, guys!

Never mind. To make things up to you, we're going to bring you two instalments this week, one today and another on Thursday. And, in today's instalment, we're spending some quality time with Credo and Dominion. But what's this? Our villains don't entirely see eye to eye? Who'd have thought it?!

14 October 2009
Shades - demons ate my internet!
Gaaah! I've been having some huge internet connection problems just lately, guys. Hopefully that won't disrupt things too much here at BVC but, if things seem even more screwy than usual, then that's probably why. Now ... on to Shades!

And there are some big questions being answered in the latest instalment. Questions like, just how will our heroes defeat the giant lizard-demon Thrawn? And, will Arturos ever get that sandwich?!

7 October 2009
Shades - superheroes and sandwiches!
No, that heading isn't the title of the latest Happy Meal campaign from MacDonalds! It is, in fact, a fairly accurate description of what's in store for you over at Shades.

The superhero part is probably self-explanatory, but sandwiches? All I'm saying is don't go reading the latest instalment before breakfast. It's going to make you hungry!
_________________________________________________________________ Special announcement
Hunted - have Leni across your desktop!
Sorry, guys - no update to Hunted this week. But don't worry - we won't send you away completely empty-handed. See that wonderful picture of the lovely Leni down there? Well, Kyri has prepared it in three sizes, especially for your desktop!

You want me on your desktop, you know you do!

To find the correct size wallpaper for your desktop just click on the relevant dimensions, right click the image and choose the "Set as background" option. The sizes available are:

800x600   1024x768   1280x1024


Quoth the raven ... Nevermore! Special announcement
Nevermore - on bookshelves now!
Nevermore is a new collection of nine Edgar Allan Poe stories, all given an unusual twist and all adapted for the comic book format.

The artists contributing to this book include Shane Oakley, Steve Pugh and John McCrae. The writers responsible for the adaptations include Leah Moore and John Reppion, Jeremy Slater and Jamie Delano. Oh, yes - and me!

You can read a little more about my contribution in this thread at the BVC Forum. Then, if I were you, I'd just rush out and buy a copy! It should be available in all book shops carrying graphic novels although, if you buy it online at Amazon just now, you can get it for 7.79 instead of the normal RRP of 12.99!