The following is a brief explanation of the terms and conditions that will normally apply to a Guest title accepted by BVC.

For further information on submissions, please refer to the main Submission guidelines page.

Will BVC pay me for my comic?
No. BVC is not a commercial publisher of other creators' work. BVC will not, therefore, buy your work from you or invest cash in its production or promotion. If BVC believes your comic is of a sufficiently high standard to be a Guest title, it will offer to feature it on the BVC website, alongside its own comics.

What's the advantage in being a Guest title?
That depends on you. It depends on your own level of technical expertise and how much work you want or can afford to put into promoting your own comic. By featuring your comic at BVC, you will not have to build or maintain your own website. Updates to your comic will be advertised on the web in the same way that BVC promotes its own titles.

By being featured alongside other high quality titles at BVC, a Guest title will also benefit from readers who visit the site to read those other comics. Your comic should, therefore, benefit from increased exposure compared to being on its own single-title site.

Publishing and self-publishing
The creators of a Guest title featured on the BVC website will retain at all times the right to submit their work to mainstream print publishers and/or to self-publish their work. At no time will BVC gain any rights in or to Guest titles featured on the BVC website which might interfere with their ability to make money from their work.

What's in it for BVC?
If you never make any money from your comic, then BVC will never ask for a penny (or cent!) You will be asked to agree, however, that if you successfully sell or license your work to a publisher or any other party, while the comic is featured at BVC (or within six moths of being removed from the BVC website), then 5% of any funds received within six months of the contract being signed will be paid to BVC.

This is to offset the cost of the free hosting the comic will have received until then and recognises the role played by the exposure at BVC in establishing a fan-base for the comic. You will retain full entitlement to the other 95% receivable during that period and 100% of any payments received thereafter.