Welcome to BVC's submissions area.

If you want to submit a comic to BVC, please read the guidelines on this page first.

Submission guidelines
In addition to showcasing BVC's own titles, Broken Voice Comics is also willing to feature a number of "Guest" comics by other creators. Please read these guidelines carefully and, if you think your work meets our criteria, please do submit it to us for consideration. Before submitting, however, please read the rest of these guidelines, particularly the practical notes on how to submit.

Guest titles
Successful submissions will be featured on the BVC site as "Guest" titles. In general terms, a Guest title is a comic which BVC did not originate. Before submitting your work, please read the additional information about Guest titles and their relationship with BVC.

Quality control
BVC intends to provide its readers with a small number of high quality comics, rather than a large number of poorly produced titles. BVC, therefore, has only one over-riding criterion - the Guest comics featured on the site must be of a quality equal to (or, of course, better than!) the quality of its own titles. If no submissions were to meet its criteria, BVC would be quite happy to feature no Guest titles at all.

The artwork in any comic submitted to BVC should be of a very high standard, although it can be in any style. Whether your style is American, European, manga-influenced, experimental or simply quirky, that's fine. Whether it's in B&W or full colour, that's no problem. All that's required to meet BVC's standards is that the artwork is assured and appropriate to the comic in question.

BVC believes that the quality of writing in a comic is critical to its on-going success. This area is, perhaps, even more subjective than the quality of the artwork but, if a supposedly humourous comic does not strike us as funny or an action/adventure comic does not strike us as exciting, then it is unlikely to be accepted. BVC will exercise its editorial discretion and the editor's word, as the saying goes, is final.

AT BVC, no genre is preferred over any other and no genre is excluded. Whether you have a super hero story, a fantasy adventure, a slice of life comic or even an ongoing series of single-panel gag-strips, we are prepared to consider it. Unlike some other sites, we do not advise you to use the titles already featured here as a guide to the type of comics we might find acceptable (except, of course, as a guide to quality!) We believe in diversity and the more original your submission is, the better the chance that we will accept it.